As a human

I believe in love above all things. Every day is a blessing and an opportunity to be a blessing to someone else.

As a creative

I have been working in the design industry for almost 20 years now and am amazed at how technology has transformed the way we consume and create. While design fundamentals remain the same, the ever-changing influences of technology and innovation have shifted and morphed so many experiences that even the teaching of design fundamentals has been disrupted. As I reflect on my past experience designing for web, mobile, print, social and architecture. I see my design style as an evolution of my life's creative journey. To stay inspired, I enjoy working on a range of hands-on art. My latest work is exploring encaustics and screen printing, with a focus on mixed media collage.

As a professional

My career path has taken me from architect to educator to user experience designer. Although they are all very different job roles, they are all similar in many ways. Each one has contributed to a deeper level of understanding of how we experience and design the world around us. I currently work as a UX/UI Creative Director at Capital One on the Digital Design & Innovation team in Richmond, Virginia.

Love, Laugh and Create.

Here's a smattering of work.

Sparks Event Marketing

UI/UX/IA, Social/Mobile Strategy, Creative Direction. 2011

Website for new product feature

UI, Creative Direction, Product Demo. 2015

Comcast Online Dating Show

UI, Creative Direction. 2006

Wild Ocean, Giant Screen Films

UI, Creative Concept. 2005

Northern Liberties Artwork

Mixed Media Collage, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. 2012

Capital One Intranet Site

UI/IA, Creative Direction. 2014